1. Go to liqui https://liqui.io/ and find Sign up button, as shown below:

2. Click sign up again

3. Fill requested fields properly

Use strong password. At least 12 symbols, including special ones(_*&^ and so on)

4. You will be able to see popup window

5. Now open your mailbox and find there mail with subject: "Complete your Liqui account registration"

If you are unable to find, check your spam/junk folder.

6. Mail should contains the following text:

"Welcome to Liqui Exchange!

Verify your account using this link: Here should be a link which you have to click.

— Liqui Team"

7. If you will try to login without completing your registration, you will not be able to login, also not be able to change your password

7. Click the link from mail to complete(confirm) your registration. You will be moved to liqui page.

8. Press Continue button. And then you will be able to login.

9. Press sign in button, fill requested fields properly and press SIGN IN. You will have code popup window on your screen:

10. If you will check your mailbox, you will be able to find mail with authentication code.

Paste this code here in the field on picture above. Then click to sign in.